January 2021 Workshop

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Workshop – 12 February 2021 – on line meeting with
Sr. Annmarie Sanders, IHM

Creating an Ever More Beautiful, Precious World

“This past year brought us obstacles that have impacted our mission and how we serve, relate, bond, pray, and experience communion with the whole global community. The challenges have turned our lives upside down and forced us to examine how we have been living and our assumptions about “normal times.”

During this workshop, we will take stock of these changes and explore what they may be inviting us to consider as we move into the future. Even with the pain of these months, how have our experiences helped us reclaim what is truly beautiful and precious in life? How might we let these glimpses of new insights guide our mission today and influence how we prepare for the future?

The workshop will include presentations and opportunities for reflection with one another. Participants will have time to consider how they might be called to create an ever more beautiful, precious world in their own ministry.

More details about this workshop and inscription at the end of January.

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