2018-19 Schedule of events

Mark your calendars
for mmi events in 2018-2019

19 October 2018: Panel presentation. What should we share on our websites? What do we not share? What are the congregational policies for internet use?

16 November 2018: Workshop. The many ways to make videos including PowerPoint, smartphone apps, Microsoft Photos, iMovie and how to share it on Facebook and YouTube.

14 December 2018: Panel presentation about general chapters (or other kinds of large meetings). Members will share experiences in the use of modern media at and for a general chapter.

January: Educational tour of the communications offices at the Vatican. Date to be announced later.

15 February 2019: Workshop on website platforms and how to create a website.

15 March 2019: Webinar on managing a Facebook page for a congregation, including security, scheduling posts and content mix.

26 April 2019: Workshop on smartphone apps and how to use them efficiently.

18 May 2019 (Saturday): Outing somewhere outside of Rome in collaboration with the Secretaries and Archivists groups. Details to be announced later.

21 June 2019: MMI Annual General Assembly


Social Events Come watch a movie together and discuss it in a relaxed setting. Dates and venues to be announced later.

You can also follow our postings on the MMI website  and Facebook page @multimedia.international.Rome.


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