New logo, new look for MMI

Why update the MMI look now?

In 2020 we celebrate the 50th anniversary of MMI . Now is a good time to introduce a new look to be show. As MMI evolves with the changing times, so too does the look.

In addition, the MMI team currently has a member (Sr. Monique Tarabeh) who is skilled in graphic arts. We are grateful for her work.

An explanation of the new logo:

The new logo keeps the two m’s and the i of the previous symbol. Now they are lower case. The circle attached to the i represents the world since we are an international organization. Together, the circle with the m’s in the center resemble a light bulb, a symbol of innovation and creative thinking, values dear to those working with modern communication technologies. You will also see that the i’s in the name multimedia international all have pink dots; this connects the name and symbol more closely.

Please let us know you thoughts about this updated logo. We would like affirmation from MMI members of this change.

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