Managing Communication in an International Meeting

We had an inspiring and enlightening workshop on Friday, thanks to our guest speaker Fr. Daniel Villanueva SJ. Our theme was “Managing Communication in an International Meeting”. Thank you Fr. Daniel for sharing with us your experience and learnings from GC35, Magis and WYD, and GC36!

Some insights:

  • Communication is a process and is not limited to a specific moment in time.
  • Bringing together people with varying skills and expertise to work together generates creativity, energy and connection that lasts long after the main event.
  •  It is possible to use communication in a pastoral context without interfering; communication can enhance the effect.
  • The congregational website is important as a key resource for information and material about the congregation; social networks  are the key platforms to spread and share the information.

Members, please login for more information from the workshop and to access the recording in the Resources section.

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