27 April / Avril : Workshop / Atelier

Communications work during an international meeting can be daunting.
How do we share information among participants? With congregational members? With the public?
What are the most appropriate venues? The most efficient?

Come to our April 27 workshop and learn from Fr. Daniel how the Jesuits managed their communications
during their recent General Congregation 36 (http://gc36.org/).


27 avril: “Gestion de la communication dans une réunion internationale”,
par Daniel Villanueva, SJ

15h00-17h00 à l’UISG (inscription 14h45)

Contribution: 5 € pour les non-membres

L’atelier sera en anglais avec traduction française et italienne.

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April 27: “Managing Communication in an International Meeting”,
presenter Fr. Daniel Villanueva, SJ

15:00-17:00 at the UISG (14:45 registration)

Contribution: €5 for non-members

The workshop will be in English with French and Italian translation.

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27 aprile: “Gestire la comunicazione in un incontro internazionale”,
Relatore: p. Daniel Villanueva, SJ

15.00-17.00 alla UISG (14:45 iscrizioni)

Contributo: € 5 per i non membri

L’incontro sarà in inglese con traduzione francese e italiano.

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