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What is MultiMedia International?
Religious helping religious to use media effectively in evangelization

MMI is a volunteer organization of religious congregations and similar groups in Rome, the emphasis being on co-operation and the sharing of skills among members. It offers religious the opportunity of working together to use the media more effectively in the mission of evangelization. Founded by Fr. Stephan Bamberger S.J. in the early 1970s, MMI has grown with the media changes brought about by modern technology. Now, MMI stives to increase among members the awareness of the importance of media, especially in the promotion of Christian values, explore how modern communication technologies can assist the work of evangelization, develop technical skills in the presentation of news and the handling of equipment, and make available selected equipment for use by the membership. The emphasis at MMI on co-operation between religious congregations is a positive response to the call of Vatican II. This aspect of MMI's life is beginning to attract attention from religious in other parts of the world, who can see the value of sharing expensive equipment and technical skill in the work of evangelization. MultiMedia International is not a funding organization. Its operating budget is for the benefit of its members.

  • Any Congregation or other religious entity with headquarters in Rome can become a member of MultiMedia International. Individuals cannot become a member.

  • Voting Equipment, Translation Equipment, DVD Player, Video Projector. For details and reservations, open the Equipment page.

  • To become a member, go to the Register page and fill up form. For further information contact us in the Get in Touch section.

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